Penguin Swim Club of Nevada County, California

The Penguin Swim Club is registered with the US Masters Swimming organization. We are a club affiliated under the Pacific Masters Local Swimming Committee. We provide opportunities for swimming to individuals 18 and older. All skill levels are welcome.

  • So, you want to be a lifeguard?

    So, you want to be a lifeguard?

    By Tom Stone From time to time, usually when the high schools are on recess, the 2 cities we live in will offer lifeguard training. I had lifeguard training when I was 16. Guess what? It’s entirely different now. When I was 16 there was no rescue tubes, no CPR training, no AED’s (defibrillators), no…

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  • Penguin Swim Club: A Look Back

    Penguin Swim Club: A Look Back

    By Chuck Scimeca This is a little history of the Penguin swim program from when my wife Pam and my family first moved to Nevada County in March 1994. The USA Swimming age group program, Penguin Swim Team (PST), had already been established (late 1980s) Coincidentally, the year we arrived was the first time PST…

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